Skin Microdermabrasion -Toronto Ontario

Diamond Tipped Microdermabrasion     (30 to 45 minutes)
The perfect treatment for someone wanting immediate results with no downtime! A non-invasive treatment using a diamond-tipped wand and gentle suction for a thorough, yet gentle exfoliation of the skin. Reveal a brighter, smoother complexion after only one treatment.

Face Microdermabrasion   $125 (includes mini-facial treatment)
Neck Microdermabrasion   $quote
Hands Microdermabrasion   $quote
Chest Microdermabrasion   $quote
Upper Back Microdermabrasion   $quote
Full Back Microdermabrasion   $quote

A series of treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart, are recommended for best results with concerns such as:
– inconsistent/uneven or rough texture
– fine lines and wrinkles
– sun damage/hyperpigmentation/dark spots
– congested skin/blackheads/whiteheads
– comedonal acne
– smoothing scarring/acne marks

Best results can be intensified or maintained with a proper Skincare regime. Daily home-care is a MUST to maximize your skin health and radiance.. After all…. we can only do so much in a day! Think of it like going to the gym… You could pay the BEST trainer in the world, and do the most amazing workout of your life, but without being consistent with efforts to reach your goal – the effort is futile!

Microdermabrasion, in combination with other treatments can give faster and more impressive results.
Ask if Medical Grade/Deep Cleansing Facials or Chemical Peel treatments are right for you!