Organic Serums & Oils

Serums are concentrated formulas, generally in very small molecular size and weight, to allow for deep penetration. They are packed with powerful ingredients that are delivered directly and deeply into the skin for serious results from the inside out!

Apply after cleansing/exfoliating, and toning, and before moisturizing.

Oils may be available in different forms. Cleansers, treatment formulas, body oils... and can be applied in a number of ways.
For many years, they have been a source of fear for many people but oils for the skin are as those of that of the healthy oils/fats in our diet for our better health.
In short, we benefit GREATLY from them. 

Have an oily skin type and terrified of using oils? Don't be! 
Using oils can actually give your brain the signal to slow down producing so much of your own and creating problems with congestion and break outs!

At Beauty Tree Canada, we carry only products that contain healthy, non-comedogenic ingredients that are the highest in quality, natural and organic.