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The most common method for removal of ingrown hairs at Beauty Tree is with a sterile needle or lancet wielded by an esthetically trained practitioner. It is NOT recommended you try this yourself, especially for ingrown hairs in the pubic area. The hair needs to be "freed" from under the skin WITHOUT pulling it out. If the hair remains in tact to the root, there is less chance of the ingrown hair recurring. If you were to pull the hair out, skin will grow over the follicle opening before a new hair has a chance to grow and emerge through the skin's surface, thus causing that hair to remain trapped and in grow under the skin to infect and cause pain once again.

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What are ingrown hairs?
An ingrown hair looks like a raised, discolored spot on your skin and can be extremely painful. It’s a strand of hair that grows back into your skin. They are most common where hair is curly (ingrown hair pubic area, ingrown hair on face or beard. Ingrown hairs can affect anyone, but they’re easy to treat and prevent with the right practices.


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What causes ingrown hair bumps and lumps?
There are a number of causes possible:
- after shaving
- tweezing
- waxing or sugaring
- natural hair fallout and regrowth
- depilatory creams (Nair)

What if my ingrown hair is infected?
For deeper ingrown hairs that have turned into a hard lump under the skin may be buried too deeply for resolution with a sterile needle/lancet. These hairs may need to be treated with laser hair removal. The laser can target the hair beneath the surface of the skin. The ingrown hair will be burned and re-absorbed in the body. This can take anywhere from 1-3 treatments for each hair, depending on the stage of growth the hair is in.

How do I prevent ingrown hairs?
Before shaving wash your skin with warm water and a mild cleanser.
Apply lubricating shaving cream, oil or a gel 3-5 minutes before shaving to soften the hair. A warm, wet compress is also an option. Apply shaving cream or lotion. and use a sharp, single-blade razor. This helps avoid a too-close shave.

Shave in the direction of hair growth, but don't pull on your skin while shaving. Rinse the blade after each stroke. Rinse your skin with tepid or cool water, and apply a cool, wet cloth for about five minutes. Then use a soothing after-shave product (i.e. Eminence Organic Calm Skin Arnica Masque or Eminence Organic Calm Skin Chamomile Moisturizer), and/or a glycolic acid lotion to help remove dead skin cells (exfoliate). This helps to allow any hairs to break through the skin's surface as they emerge.

Do ingrown hairs go away on their own?
No, they do not. They will continue to grow under the surface of the skin. At some point, there will be too much happening in the follicle and the wall of the follicle will break. This will release germs and bacteria into the body which can cause an infection or abscess. If an abscess occurs, you would need to seek medical attention from a doctor.

Can I use an over the counter cream for ingrown hairs?
There are a number of treatment creams on the market to prevent ingrown hair bumps and lumps ~ ingrown hair cysts. How these creams work is usually with the use of glycolic acid. This cream helps the skin to slough off (shed) skin cells, thus making it easier for a new hair to emerge through the skin's surface. If you already have an ingrown hair, it's best to seek professional help.
At Beauty Tree Canada, we can often resolve ingrown hairs in one visit.


Skin Consultation cost $50 (15 to 30 minutes)
We offer skin consultations in-person with an appointment at our clinic. Your skin issue can be assessed individually, and treatment can be planned
We offer skin consultations in-person with an appointment at our clinic. Your skin issue can be assessed individually, and treatment can be planned

Ingrown Hair Treatment Cost (after consultation fee)
$50 per small (under 1/4 inch) or newly formed ingrown hair (non pubic area)
$100 per large ingrown hair (non pubic area)
$150 per ingrown hair in pubic area
$150 neglected/infected ingrown hair

Ingrown hairs in the pubic area can be treated, you do not have to suffer in pain!


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