Beauty Tree Testimonials ~ Terese (skincare specialist)

"I did my first facial with Terese over 2 years ago, and she has managed to erase all the acne on my face and keep it off. She gets right down to the root of the problem, and this is why I will continue to be a client of hers. She uses facial products which are organic and suited to all skin types. Do visit Beauty Tree if you get a chance; you will not be disappointed."
~Lisa G., Toronto, ON

"Terese really helped me to understand my face. My make-up application is now for my face specifically and I know what to enhance and what to minimize. I have never looked better!!"
~Rebecca M., Toronto, ON

"I did my first facial at Beauty Tree last week with the worst skin. Pimples and tiny white bumps everywhere. Now, less than a week later my skin is clearer that its been in months. I can’t wait for my next treatment. Thank you Beauty Tree, for saving my face! oxo"
~Debby W., Toronto, ON

"Terese’s talent to enhance my best features and balance the symmetry of my face was truly remarkable. She explained clearly what she was doing so I can recreate the look with ease.The experience was practical, educational and lots of fun.This was an uplifting experience that I can take with me to confidently create a more youthful modern look."
~Gail F., Toronto, ON

"Terese at Beauty Tree is absolutely fantastic!! I started seeing Terese two years ago for (rather embarrassing) hyper-pigmented scarring.  Despite the embarrassing nature, Terese was so sweet, professional and understanding, and I’m happy to say: NO MORE EMBARRASSING SCARS!! From this, I knew Terese was the ONE to help me with my skin issues.  I’m 27 now, but I’ve had acne since I was 11, and have tried EVERYTHING, including Accutane, and  a diet change to help clear my congested skin.  Since receiving extractions, facials and skin peels from Terese, my skin’s clarity has improved over 50%!! The stubborn blackheads and congestion along my jaw and hairline have almost completely cleared, and I’m looking forward to finally facing the world with CLEAR SKIN with Terese’s help.   I’m tired of waking up to whiteheads, and since “committing to skin” with Terese, I wake up with less and less of them!! Terese is very knowledgeable about skin, and coming from me, that means a lot- Since I’ve had acne since I was 11, I consider myself a “skin-snob”, having read and tried almost everything about acne, and don’t often trust others with my skin- Terese is a true exception.  She knows her stuff!! Her skin product recommendations (Eminence Organics products) were astute, and she never tries to sell me things I don’t need.  I’ve recommended Terese to friends and family, and pretty much everyone I meet!! She is truly a beauty expert, and her beauty tree with “leaf” you breathless!"
~Jennifer G., Toronto, ON

"Terese is amazing! As someone who had honestly given up on achieving clear skin, with her help my skin has improved tremendously in just a few visits and is continuing to improve every day. She is very knowledgeable and was able to hone in immediately on what was causing my skin to break out. She uses an all natural, organic skin care line which I love and as mentioned above, I trust what she is doing with my skin. The location is excellent as well. I highly recommend Terese at Beauty Tree."
~Jacqueline W., Toronto, ON

"The friendliness, care and quality of work demonstrated by the staff at Beauty Tree has been an outstanding experience as I received personalized lessons from Terese on makeup application, color correction and overall skin care. I felt very welcomed and found it was easy to have an open discussion with Terese, where she gave me expert advice relating to my specific skin type as well as providing the hands-on experience I needed In order to feel confident replicating the lessons at home. I highly recommend people of all ages to make an appointment with Terese at Beauty Tree, It was highly informative, interactive and an overall fun experience."
~Taylor B., Toronto, ON

"My skin savior! I came to Terese depressed with my “adult acne”. Extremely knowledgeable and straight forward, Terese has put me on the path to healthy clear skin. From every day skin care to technical treatments Terese knows and does it all! I would not trust my skin with anyone else! Thank you Terese!"
~Chloe V., Toronto, ON

"I’m not a big believer in makeup, but Beauty Tree taught me that little changes can make a big difference and you don’t need to look unnatural when using make up.  The tutorial showed me how to minimize my flaws and maximize my assets without troweling on the products.  What I was shown I will be able to use forever. Thanks Beauty Tree!!”
~Darlene D., Toronto, ON

"Terese at Beauty Tree is absolutely amazing. She has corrected my acne, and dimmed my rosacea in only a few visits. She does not push items, which I appreciate even though I have been very pleased with the products i do purchase from her. i like that she uses products that are all natural and I can really trust what she’s doing with my sensitive skin. i will be visiting Beauty Tree again next week and definitely recommend it to everyone."
~Shantelle M., Toronto, ON

"I just used the enjo eye pad to remove my makeup. It was AMAZING! All of it was gone within 2 wipes! And i don't have that oily gunky feeling on my face i get when i use makeup remover! AMAAAAAZING!"
~Meghan H., Toronto, ON

"I’ve been seeing Terese for a couple of years now and I always learn something new when I go see her.  She has tips on everything from makeup to skincare.  Terese differs from other makeup and skincare specialists for 3 main reasons:  1. When she gives you samples for skincare, she clearly writes down what to use when and how often RIGHT on the sample bottle so you know exactly what to use when.  Other times I’ve received samples from other clinics I either don’t receive any instructions or receive instructions verbally but forget what product to use and when or how often so I end up throwing out the sample.   2. When she gives you a makeup tutorial, she caters exactly to your needs.  She is one of the few people I’ve seen who is not Asian yet understands Asian makeup and skincare.  She gets an understanding of what you currently use in your daily makeup and writes down for you what makeup essentials you need to complete your makeup bag.  And of course she demonstrates how to apply everything from primer, foundation, eye liner/shadow, contour, blush, eyebrows and lips.   3. The products and tools she recommends ACTUALLY work.  She never promotes anything she hasn’t tried herself and has proven works.  I bought the Enjo eye pad from her for makeup removal with slight skepticism just because it sounded so easy.  But I bought it, went home and tried it and was so STUNNED I immediately emailed Terese to tell her how quickly it removed my makeup with just water. I look forward to seeing Terese for many many years 🙂 "
~Meghan H., Toronto, ON

"I started going to Terese @ Beauty Tree because I was new to the city and wanted to find someone who used Eminence Organics products, which I had been using for some time.  I had nothing more to base my decision to go to her on, other than that she used quality products, so I hoped that her services were just as good.  All I can say is that I went for the products and stayed (for 4 years now!) for the skincare! Terese has transformed my skin–I developed adult acne in recent years and was really self-conscious about it; I couldn’t keep it under control.  Regular appointments have significantly helped, but in addition to that, she has armed me with a number of tips and tricks that have cleared my acne by 95%, as well as seemingly slowed the aging process.  I have noticed that my friends and colleagues continue to age with the years, but my skin seems to have slowed down a bit…and people are always complimenting me on it. I also appreciate that Terese carries the full line of Eminence products, but she never pushes anything on me–she will make suggestions if she thinks I could use a change in my regimen, but I never feel uncomfortable if I don’t take them.  She will also encourage inexpensive fixes over pricey ones if she thinks they are just as good, which reinforces the trust I have for her expertise.  If you need someone to help you with a skin issue or just a refresh to your appearance, you will not be disappointed at Beauty Tree!"
~Kim G., Toronto, ON

"Terese did a fantastic job on my wedding make-up.  She really listened to what I was looking for, something fresh and light, and the look she created for me was perfect!  I looked great in the photos, and the make-up lasted throughout a hot August day!  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience."
~Martha R., Toronto, ON

"Terese taught me more about make-up in the two hours long session than I had managed to learn on my own in my 46 years to date.  She was patient and clear, and made sure I practiced in front of her so I learned not just what to do, but how to do it.  Terese made some helpful suggestions for products, all without the high-pressure sales tactics of most make-up artists who stand to benefit from their recommendations.  Terese has changed my relationship with make-up, so that now I am confident in my make-up choices and applications.  I even mix and match colours and styles, and I can apply liquid liner with confidence.  I am sometimes asked if I’ve had my make-up professionally applied, and I’m pleased to be able to have done such a good job myself, all with Terese’s help."
~Martha R., Toronto, ON

"I’m not usually one to post things online/social media, but for Terese I am making an exception because that’s just how great she is. I have been going to her for facials and Eminence products for almost a year now and I make the trek from downtown to Yonge and Eglinton, because the results are amazing. It means having fresh, clear, breakout-free skin that is not reliant on makeup! I didn’t think it got better than that, but then she suggested we do a peel because I was complaining about spots and scars that weren’t going away and my skin not glowing like it used to (its called aging, I know, I know!). We did the peel, and the following two-three days, my skin was flaky and I looked like the crypt keeper, but she had warned me that would happen and followed up to track exactly what was happening and what to expect, when. By the fourth day… all the flaking was done and I was GLOWING! The difference is astonishing! I walked into work, no makeup, and at least 4 people commented on my skin and asked if I was wearing a new foundation. If you haven’t already – go to Terese for your skincare needs. She is the most knowledgeable, no-nonsense and sincere service professional I have ever met. No exaggerations – she really knows her stuff. And she’s not one to push expensive things on you like some other places, she believes in suggesting just exactly what you need, no more!"
~Anika L., Toronto, ON

"I just had my session with Terese at Beauty Tree and all I can say is seriously better than anything you’ll ever watch on youtube. She is so personable, she caters to your skin type, your face shape, what your preferences are and she is careful to explain why she does everything and gives you tonnes of tips and tricks along the way. She literally made me feel 1 million times more comfortable with getting make up that’s right for my skin tone (as I am rather on the dark end of the spectrum). I actually learned to do my eyebrows so now I don’t have to keep getting them done by someone else. She makes sure she consults you at every step before she does things so that you are happy and she doesn’t push any products or anything on to you. I will be posting an eyebrow pic just to show people that Terese is legit! Plus she's super funny and is very genuine. Will recommend her because she is awesome and super knowledgeable heart emoticon Thanks again"
~Angie R., Toronto, ON

"Just had my session with Terese and it was pure magic, 10/10 would recommend her to EVERYONE, her makeup tutorials will change your life!!"
~Anna A., Toronto, ON

"I spent the afternoon with Terese Hatter owner of Beauty Tree, where she specializes in skin-care and make-up application and coaching. I went through her HD Eyebrow Workshop which is a 60-minute session in which Terese assess face shape, eyebrow colour, hair growth and bone structure while getting a feel for your personality before tailoring the perfect eyebrow shape for you. The best thing about this session, is she not only grooms them but will take the time to teach you her techniques that will save you from pretty much ever needing to go to a salon again! I highly recommend taking her HD Eyebrow Workshop especially if you’re like me and invest the money in good products. If we’re not using our tools properly, what’s the point of our $200 Sephora hauls?"
~MJ Elle., Toronto, ON