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The method used for professional milia removal in Toronto Ontario at Beauty Tree is called "de-roofing". This procedure involves the use of a sterile, disposable lancet - required to pierce the skin, allowing an "escape route" for the milia to exit the skin. You may feel a small “pinch” with professional milia removal, but each extraction is completed relatively quickly and is, in most cases, virtually painless. There is generally a small red spot left behind after removal that will develop into a "micro-scab", and can take a week or so to resolve.

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What are milia?
Milia or pearl acne/"white bumps" are a collection of skin cells that are keratinizing (becoming hard). These cells are "sticky" in nature, and as a result, collect more and more cells in the same state, until a small white/off white/yellow-ish "cyst" is created under the skin. Because there is no pore, it is very difficult to squeeze these annoying bumps away without permanently damaging or scarring the skin. This happens to both men and women of all ages, They most commonly occur on the face, eyelids/eye area, but also can be found anywhere on the body.

BEAUTY TREE TREATMENTS (for milia removal)
Skin Consultation ($50)
We offer skin consultations in-person or by video chat. This is a great option to understand your current situation/issues for future treatment options. This fee is deducted from your bill, should you purchase a facial treatment same day, that would include some mila removal.

Skin consultation not required for Flash Facials.

Consultation with Treatment pre/post care ($85)
After the consultation, the skin will be cleansed and sterilized. Once treatment has concluded, you will have a high-frequency disinfecting treatment, calming product and Polysporin applied to the affected area.

You will be provided with applicable aftercare instructions.

Individual or few milia removal can be added as priced below.
This choice is great if you are time constrained or prefer not to have a facial treatment.

(If you have 5 or more milia, it's in your best interest to book a Natural Vegan Deep Pore Cleansing Facial (includes up to 5 or 10 milia removed
This facial option also include removal of any blackheads or whiteheads present.)

Milia Removal Cost After Consultation Cost
$20 per milia removal/extraction (non-orbital eye area)
$50-$200 quote for milia removal extraction (orbital/eye area)
$100 per small cyst removal/extraction (non-orbital eye area)
$150-$200 per small cyst removal/extraction (orbital/eye area)

Orbital Eye Area (definition)
The orbital eye area is shown below.
When considering the area to be treated for mila removal, understand that where there is no bone underneath the skin to be treated, it becomes more difficult to remove milia, or any lesions in that area.
under eye lid milia removal


Natural Vegan Deep Pore Cleansing Facial ($150 - $200)
Up to 5 milia removal are included. $150
Up to 10 milia removal are included. $200

Milia and small cysts in the orbital/eye area and eyelids can be removed but require a quote. The pricing for this area differs from the rest of the face due to the location, level of difficulty and level of risk involved. 
For one milia, the charge ranges from $50 to $150


pre milia removal & post milia removal

If you have an abundance of milia removal near me in Toronto, please request a consultation/quote. 15 minute consultation provided free of charge with treatment.

Skin Lesion Guide
Use this guide to determine your lesion type. If you are unsure about your particular skin problem, at Beauty Tree, we offer skin consultations in-person or by video chat consult. This is a great option to understand your current situation/issues and future treatment.

Remember: this $50 in-person or video consult will be deducted from billing, if booking a facial treatment to treat the issue.
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