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What are milia?

milia removal near me in Toronto Ontario

Milia/pearl acne/"white bumps" are a collection of skin cells that are keratinizing (becoming hard). These cells are "sticky" in nature, and as a result, collect more and more cells in the same state, until a small white/off white/yellow-ish "cyst" is created under the skin. Because there is no pore, it is very difficult to squeeze these annoying bumps away without permanently damaging or scarring the skin. 

The method used for removal at Beauty Tree is called "de-roofing". This procedure involves the use of a sterile, disposeable lancet - required to pierce the skin, allowing an "escape route" for the milia to exit the skin. You may feel a small “pinch” with professional milia removal, but each extraction is completed relatively quickly and is, in most cases, virtually painless. There is generally a small red spot left behind after removal that will develop into a "micro-scab", and can take a week or so to resolve. 

Up to 5 milia removal are included with a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial ($150).
6-10 milia removal are included with a Medical Grade Facial (from $185). 
Up to 30 milia can be removed during a Medical Grade Facial, but more than 10 requires a quote.
If you are having a different skincare treatment such as a chemical peel or microdermabrasion, you will need a quote that would include milia removal.

Milia in the orbital/eye area and eyelids can be removed but require a quote. The pricing for this area differs from the rest of the face due to the location, level of difficulty and level of risk involved.Pricing is set at $50-$100 per milia.

If you have an abundance of milia removal near me in Toronto, please request a consultation/quote.-------------------------------
This situation may require more than one visit to resolve.


milia removal

What are whiteheads?

Whiteheads are small, white, raised bumps on the skin. They form when oils and skin cells and bacteria collect in the pores. A whitehead appears as a small pimple with a tiny white "head", but the area around will not be very inflamed or red.






blackhead removal near me in Toronto Ontario

What are blackheads?
This may surprise you, but "blackheads" can actually be many colours.
Black, brown, green, yellow, white, peach coloured or clear. A blackhead is a comedone, or oil plug that has been exposed to oxygen, thus turning it black. At Beauty Tree, we do not believe in damaging skin with harsh metal tools. Blackhead removal is done with fingers wrapped in gauze. 

Tools are only used in the case of blackheads in the ears. (Yes! We check your ears with your facial appointment). 
We understand that this can be uncomfortable and we use the most gentle techniques to make the process easily tolerable. 


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