Milia Removal - Toronto Ontario

What are milia?

Milia are a collection of skin cells that are keratinizing (becoming hard). These cells are "sticky" in nature, and as a result, collect more and more cells until a small white/off white/yellow-ish "cyst" is created under the skin. Because there is no pore, it is very difficult to squeeze these annoying bumps away. 

You may feel a small “pinch” with removal, but each extraction is completed relatively quickly and is virtually painless. There is generally a small red spot left behind after removal that can take a week or so to resolve. 

Up to 3 milia removal is included with a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial ($150). 5-10 milia removal are included with a Medical Grade Facial ($185). 
Any milia removal required in the orbital area (near the eye), requires booking a Medical Grade Facial.
Please see the Organic Facials page on the website for a more detailed description.

If you are having a different skincare treatment such as a chemical peel or microdermabrasion, and would like to "Add On" milia removal, the rate is $20 per milia.

If you have an abundance of milia in Toronto, please request a consultation/quote.
This situation may require more than one visit to resolve.