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What are blackheads?
This may surprise you, but "blackheads" can actually be many colours in both men and women of all ages.
Black, brown, green, yellow, white, peach coloured or clear. A blackhead is a comedone, or oil plug, that has been exposed to oxygen, thus turning it black. At Beauty Tree, we do not believe in damaging skin with harsh metal tools. Blackhead removal is done with fingers wrapped in gauze. 

Tools are only used in the case of blackheads in the ears. (Yes! We check your ears with your facial appointment). 
We understand that this can be uncomfortable and we use the most gentle techniques to make the process easily tolerable. 

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What are whiteheads?
Whiteheads are small, white, raised bumps on the skin. They form when oils and skin cells and bacteria collect in the pores. A whitehead appears as a small pimple with a tiny white "head", but the area around will not be very inflamed or red. They can be seen on face, chest and back.

Whiteheads are a type of acne that result from clogged pores. Many factors can increase your risk. Hormones, age, and environmental factors like pollution can all be contributors to the development.

Retinoids or cleansers with benzoyl peroxide may help clear your whiteheads if they are not a direct result of skin dryness or dehydration. If they last longer than 6 to 8 weeks, you may want to contact a doctor, dermatologist, or medical esthetician to discuss other treatments.

Cleansing the skin twice per day, keeping out of the sun, and not touching your face can help to prevent breakouts of whiteheads. Using non-comedogenic products, like makeup and moisturizers, will also help decrease your chance of whiteheads.


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What are sebaceous filaments?
They look like blackheads but are actually the skins delivery system for sebum. They’re small, flat, light-colored spots on your skin. They do not hurt or feel uncomfortable.
Sebaceous filaments aren’t acne and they don’t cause harm. They keep your skin and hair healthy.
If you do not like the way your sebaceous filaments look, you can take steps to regulate oily skin and minimize them.
They can be extracted/removed at blackhead prices but it is not recommended, as they will just return again within 30 days; cleansing organic skincare is recommended instead.


BEAUTY TREE TREATMENTS (for blackhead/whitehead removal)
Natural Vegan Deep Pore Cleansing Facial ($150).
Up to 15 min of blackhead/whitehead removal are included.
$50 per additional 15 min of whitehead/blackheads removal

Natural Vegan Medical Grade Facial ($185).
Up to 30 min of blackhead/whitehead removal are included.
$50 per additional 15 min of whitehead/blackheads removal

Natural Vegan Flash Facial ($85)
Does not include blackhead/whitehead removal but are an add-on in 15 minute blocks. This option is great if you are time constrained or do not want a full facial.
$50 per 15 min of whitehead/blackheads removal

 If you have an abundance of blackhead or whitehead removal near me in Toronto, please request a consultation/quote.

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