Mature Skin Care

Mature skin is not actually a skin type, rather a condition of skin. While aging can certainly be a factor, there are a number of other variables to be aware of when considering mature skin.

Some characteristics of a mature skin are:
- drier, thinner skin
- dehydration
- loose, sagging skin lacking tone and firmness
- fine lines and wrinkles
- pallid, dull colouring
- dilated pores
- dark spots/hyperpigmentation

Some contributing factors to mature skin:
- lack of proper hydration (water consumption and topical moisturizing)
- exposure to sun without proper attention to protection
- exposure to the natural elements and pollution
- lack of a proper skincare regime and practise/treatment
- smoking and alcohol consumption
- prescription drugs
- improper diet

While we cannot entirely stop the aging process and the effects of so many negative factors influence, we can certainly slow things down and reduce the appearance of mature skin!

First in addressing the concerns is to determine the "what", "where", "when", "why" and "how" of each issue. Then making the right choices to correct and prevent further damage.

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