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ENJO Eye Cleansing Pad


Replaces hundreds of cotton wool pads to remove dirt, oil and impurities with or without the use of a cleanser!

Area of use:
• Face and décolleté
• Eye area

How to use:
Damp to wet with cool water
Can be used with water or water and a CLEAR cleanser
Clean the skin in gentle circular motions.
Wash out Enjo with warm water and a CLEAR soap/detergent
Gently squeeze a few times in a towel
Hang to dry afterwards

To remove waterproof mascara or kiss-proof lipstick, you may have to add a makeup remover/cleanser.

DO NOT USE with an oil based make-up remover or with harsh chemicals!
Pearlized and cream soaps will leave a residue on the fibers and reduce the Enjo's efficacy. Use ONLY clear products.