Portable High Frequency Facial Skin Care Device

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Use this portable high frequency device to help: reduce redness, inflammation, , acneic breakouts (antibacterial), speed up skin healing, slow the process of aging. 

Produces heat under the surface of the skin to kill germs and bacteria. Increases circulation to bring fresh oxygenated (healing) blood to the area. Reduces redness and inflammation. Emits disinfectant gas (Ozone) to kill germs and bacteria.
Promotes cell production for anti-ageing effect.

GENTLY twist and push the glass electrode into the hand piece. Turn machine on, approximately ¼ turn. Keep unit moving. DO NOT concentrate on any “spot” for more than 20-30 seconds. Maximum 3-5 minutes for whole face treatment. Turn machine off. GENTLY twist and pull the glass electrode out of the hand piece. Wash glass electrode in warm soap and water. Air dry (Isopropyl Alcohol may be used on the GLASS portion of electrode ONLY!)

The unit may be used daily to help combat acne and ageing, or as needed for spot treatments on breakout skin.

Voltage: 110-240V
Frequency: 50-60HZ
Power: 10W

Package Includes:
Hand Piece 
Glass Tube Electrode Attachments: Comb, Tongue, Mushroom, Spot Treatment Instruction manual

**Does not include a retail box but a professional carry case

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