Chemical Peel Beauty Tree Service Billed in $5 units of TIME acne pee

Chemical Peel -Beauty Tree Service Billed in $5 units of TIME

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ALL HAIL the Chemical Peel!

Our MOST POPULAR service by a long shot! And for good reason.

Chemical peels address so very many skin concerns.
Pigment, sun damage, scarring, pore size, acne, skin tone and texture... The list goes on and on. (Redness is the exception! Chemical peels will not do anything for broken capillaries or general redness)

Let's get one piece of misinformation out there taken care of right away!

"Chemical peels thin the skin"
This is absolutely INCORRECT! Because chemical peels cause damage to the skin, it's natural defense is to build perfectly healthy, NEW skin. You will actually end up with a thicker, stronger skin with a series of peel treatments.

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