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Extractions Add-On   $40

This Add-On treatment is available with any Facial Treatment.
The skin is prepared with cleansing, exfoliation and treatment masque before extractions are performed. Blackheads and whiteheads are then gently removed without the use of harsh tools. Lancet used as required where dead skin cells are blocking removal of toxins, reducing the chance of redness and inflammation.


Milia Removal Add-On    $10 each
(First 5 included with Medical Grade Acne Treatment Facial)
A lancet is used to create a pore, or, an “escape route” for milia to be removed. These pesky white bumps are a result of dead, keritanized skin cells that stick to one another forming a small “cyst” under the surface of the skin. You may feel a small “pinch” with removal, but each extraction is completed in seconds and is relatively painless.


Age Defying Eye Treatment Add-On    $30

Consider this treatment a microdermabrasion for the eye area. Slough off dead cells to reveal a brighter, less lined, eye area. Includes serum, moisturizer and muscle relaxing massage treatment.


Acne Treatment for Chest or Shoulders Add-On    $quote
(determined by size of treatment area)
Mini facial and spot treatment. Includes cleansing, exfoliant, 1 masque, extractions as needed, moisturizer and hi-frequency treatment.


High Potency Vitamin C Treatment Add-On   $20
High Potency Vitamin C kicks your skin’s ability to create collagen and elastin into high gear and helps protect against the damage of oxidative stresses. One of the BEST anti-ageing treatments around! Also helps to diminish the appearance of “sun-spots”, scarring…really any type of hyper-pigmentation.


5 Minute Scalp Massage Add-On    $10
Releases tension in the forehead and scalp muscles. Not only will this help in promoting ultimate relaxation…but also helps to stimulate healthy hair growth.


15 Minute Massage Add-On    $20
Tension in neck, shoulders, upper back, arms and hands will quickly melt away with a little extra attention.