You've been applying your organic moisturizer all WRONG!

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Had a male client today, showing me how he applied moisturizer. 
He explained using his hands to give me a visual

Before we even got to the application, I noticed he was using 2 fingers to "scoop" the organic moisturizer out of the jar, then rubbed his hands together with the product before reaching for his face.

how to apply organic moisturizer

2 strikes right off the top.

2 fingers equals too much product. 1 finger is adequate, or a little spatula works as well if you prefer not sticking your fingers into your organic moisturizer.

If you are using a pump bottle, you usually only need a maximum of 3 pumps. (Depends how much product your pump bottle expresses with one pump)

NEVER rub your hands together with organic moisturizing products on before applying to your face!

This results in wasting an entire face-worth of product on the palms of your hands before it even hits your face,

Better to use your one finger for the organic moisturizer application evenly. You can use one or two fingers to blend it into your skin or, better yet, use the back of your hands to rub it in. The back of your hands are often forgotten until they start showing the signs of ageing.

organic moisturizer

Terese's Professional Suggestions

For an overall organic moisturizer is Eminence Organic Firm Skin Acai Moisturizer. If you have acne prone skin I would suggest the Eminence Organic Eight Greens Whip Moisturizer -a true favourite for those suffering with hormonal breakouts. This product is good for more than just the face, chest, shoulders, back areas can all be afflicted with blemishes too. A little goes a long way with this amazing moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid.


You've been applying your organic moisturizer all WRONG!

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